Looking for a safe & affordable towing company in Santa Fe, NM?

Mr. Gs Pro Tow is here to help! We are the right choice for Fast, Affordable and Reliable towing services.

Are you stuck on the side of the road?

We can help you move your vehicle to a safe place and get it towed to where you need it fixed. Call us at (505) 474-6969.

Popular Services


Accident Towing

It's always unfortunate when you're involved in a car accident and your vehicle needs to be towed away. We'll quickly get to your location and safely transport your car to a repair shop.



It happens all the time. You locked your keys in the car without having a back-up. No Problem. We can get you back in your vehicle without damage to your car.


Breakdown Towing

Its never a good timing when your car breaks down. It can happen in the worst places and at the worst time of day. We can get you and your car back safely so your vehicle can be fixed as soon as possible.

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